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Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef /
Western Australia

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The Passeck Family

May I introduce myself and our family

I am Axel Passeck, Managing Director of the Sea Breeze Resort and this is our family: my wife Eske, twins Lea and Lisa, and our “boss” Nami. We immigrated from Germany in February 1997 and came to Exmouth because of our passion for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming with Whale Sharks. I recognised the lack of hotel accommodation in the area and seized the opportunity to convert the former Chief Petty Officers Quarters of the historic American Naval Base, into the first and only hotel in the world inside a Naval Base. Sea Breeze Resort is a small family operation that thrives on giving personal and first class service to all our valued guests.

We look forward welcoming you in this unique region and matching resort, with Nadja (General Manager) and our room and maintenance attendance team!

The Passeck Family: Nami-Jo, Lea, Axel, Eske, Lisa (from left)