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Plan your Adventure

When planing your trip please make sure you understand the remoteness and distances. Our closest town is Carnarvon 365km to the south with about 5000 citizens. Coral Bay is 150km to the south with only 120 residents. ( LEA ) Learmonth – Exmouth is our main airport and 38km South of town. Qantas is the only airline servicing the area. You will need a  car from the airport or a spot on the Shuttle Service. Sea Breeze Resort offers A FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE! If you decide to pick up your car at the airport you will have to pay an extra fee.
Think a moment about the logistics and cost in choosing to rent a vehicle. There are no refuelling and cleaning facilities at the airport. A rental car needs to be driven into town, serviced and driven back to the airport just for people to drive back in a long convoy back into town. Additional charges apply and quickly add up to the equivalent of your first day of car rental.
This doesn’t make sense to us, so we are happy to provide a free shuttle service, saving you money and helping the environment. When driving to Exmouth, please plan carefully as the distances between petrol stations are huge and opening hours are limited. Try to not drive late or in the dark from the highway to Exmouth. The road is scattered with wildlife including: Goats, Sheep,Kangaroos, Emus and CATTLE. AT night this trip becomes one of the most dangerous I have been on and have had a lot of close calls. So take your time and please drive and plan carefully!

Importance of Seasons.

Ningaloo has two areas where the season is a factor.


Whale Sharks are the big thing. Our season officially starts on the 1st April with the Whale Shark None Sighting Policy. The season lasts till the end of the July School Holidays and then the operators will change their tours into Eco Tours offering Giant Mantas, Humpback Whale Watching and amazing snorkelling. Giant Manta’s are around all year, but they are gathering from May to November in large numbers. In August 2000 we reported the largest group ever seen with over 220 individual Giant Mantas. Humpback Whales appear usually mid June and then hang around the Exmouth Gulf til the end of November in their thousands. From Mid July to Mid August Ningaloo turns on the BIG 3, all three major plankton feeders can be seen in one day!  Whale Sharks, Mantas and Humpback Whales! No other place in the world offers this! Later in October the sea turtles begin to lay their eggs! What an amazing experience to see this and then 6-8 weeks later they hatch!


It begins with Easter, 1st of April or School Holidays, which ever is first. April School Holidays are generally booked well in advanced and prices are at their peak. It then really only peaks with each School Holiday and larger events towards Christmas. Christmas, New Years Eve and into middle of January is the last peak period before it quietens down in summer. Myself, and others don’t understand this, because it is the best time of the year. Exmouth in summer is very different to Broome or Darwin, where it is very humid. Yes, it gets hot for a few hours during the day, but the nights are mild and it is bone dry! You are mainly inside, in the water or hanging in the pool during the peak temperatures of the day and then later in the afternoon everybody enjoys the mild temperatures and outdoors.

The best time to travel.

This of depends on what you want to experience! The wildlife seasons are the main driver if you come for that specific reason. If you just want to get away from the rat race, then I believe January to April are the best months. It is quiet, stunningly beautiful and the best value for your money. Usually prices are rock bottom and you can snatch great bargains. However, a lot of services, tours and restaurants are closed in summer. To ensure you are not disappointed, find out before you travel, which services, tours and restaurants are open.

When some bargains sound too good to be true, you may want to find out what the catch is! Most of the time there is none.

Get the best value.

First of all, BOOK DIRECT and well in advance!

This way you will get the best price and have more flexibility if changes are required. Booking directly with us, we can change and move dates and deal with you personally, otherwise you have to go through the booking channel you have chosen and that might turn out to be quite difficult, time consuming and complicated.

You may want to avoid peak periods if you can, e.g. Easter and WA School Holidays as prices are at it’s highest.
In addition to this, people coming to holiday doing tours and need other services. By properly pre-planing your trip we can assist in packaging the required tours / services together and offer additional savings! We have the capacity to create your customised holiday package, which includes what you want to do and saves you a lot of money without compromising quality or service.
This is the most convenient way of booking your holiday. Talk to the locals, get our advise (as we know the area better then any online booking site) and make full use of our free services.
If you are flying in, you need a car and the airport is approx: 40km from town, so our free airport service is a big bonus. We accept all major CC free of any fees.

So how do you get the best value?

Call us on +61 (08) 9949 1800 and we will guide you through your holiday planing, helping you to save money and get what you want!
Axel Passeck

Axel Passeck

Owner & Managing Director

These tips have been exclusively compiled for you by Axel who has been living and working in the tourism industry at Ningaloo Reef for the last 18 years.